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Seismic hazard assessment of Tehran, Iran with emphasis on near-fault rupture directivity effects
Ehsan Bazarchi, Reza Saberi, Majid Alinejad
2018,?31(1):?1-11. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0001-1
[Abstract](1025) [FullText HTML] (461) [PDF 2756KB](83)
Seismic electric signals in seismic prone areas
Nicholas V. Sarlis, Panayiotis A. Varotsos, Efthimios S. Skordas, Seiya Uyeda, Jacques Zlotnicki, Toshiyasu Nagao, Anatoly Rybin, Mary S. Lazaridou-Varotsos, Konstantina A. Papadopoulou
2018,?31(1):?44-51. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0005-5
[Abstract](908) [FullText HTML] (438) [PDF 2362KB](23)
High-resolution crustal velocity imaging using ambient noise recordings from a high-density seismic array: An example from the Shangrao section of the Xinjiang basin, China
Gaochun Wang, Xiaobo Tian, Lianglei Guo, Jiayong Yan, Qingtian Lyu
2018,?31(5-6):?242-251. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0242-4
[Abstract](896) [FullText HTML] (158) [PDF 10599KB](44)
Time-history responses on the surface by regularly distributed enormous embedded cavities: Incident SH-waves
Mehdi Panji, Saeed Mojtabazadeh Hasanlouyi
2018,?31(3):?137-153. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0137-3
[Abstract](844) [FullText HTML] (432) [PDF 2298KB](112)
Analytic wave series solution of out-of-plane (SH) waves diffraction by an almost semi-circular shallow cylindrical hill
Chunyang Ji, Vincent Lee
2018,?31(3):?154-165. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0154-4
[Abstract](798) [FullText HTML] (496) [PDF 5016KB](28)
Numerical simulation of seismic wavefields in TTI media using the rotated staggered-grid compact finite-difference scheme
Bing Bai, Bingshou He, Kairui Li, Huaigu Tang, Jiajia Yang
2018,?31(2):?75-82. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0075-4
[Abstract](756) [FullText HTML] (407) [PDF 994KB](29)
Topography effect on ambient noise tomography using a dense seismic array
Shuang Wang, Xinlei Sun
2018,?31(5-6):?291-300. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0291-9
[Abstract](745) [FullText HTML] (138) [PDF 2432KB](50)
Review on the study of topographic effect on seismic ground motion
Hong Zhou
2018,?31(2):?110-116. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0110-8
[Abstract](731) [FullText HTML] (399) [PDF 309KB](25)
Estimating the site effects in Luoyang basin using horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio method from a short-period dense array
Yujuan Tan, Yunhao Wei, Yonghong Duan, Fuyun Wang
2018,?31(5-6):?272-280. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0272-7
[Abstract](723) [FullText HTML] (162) [PDF 1643KB](17)
Phase velocity maps of Rayleigh waves in the Ordos block and adjacent regions
Shaoxing Hui, Wenhua Yan, Yifei Xu, Liping Fan, Hongwu Feng
2018,?31(5-6):?234-241. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0234-3
[Abstract](717) [FullText HTML] (126) [PDF 1295KB](18)
Public cloud computing for seismological research: Calculating large-scale noise cross-correlations using ALIYUN
Weitao Wang, Baoshan Wang, Xiufen Zheng
2018,?31(5-6):?227-233. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0227-2
[Abstract](712) [FullText HTML] (141) [PDF 1878KB](18)
Shallow velocity structure of the Luoyang basin derived from dense array observations of urban ambient noise
Ming Zhou, Xiaofeng Tian, Fuyun Wang, Yunhao Wei, Hailiang Xin
2018,?31(5-6):?252-261. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0252-5
[Abstract](708) [FullText HTML] (132) [PDF 2629KB](29)
Multiple seismological evidences of basin effects revealed by Array of Binchuan (ABC), northwest Yunnan, China
Yihe Xu, Baoshan Wang, Weitao Wang, Bo Zhang, Tianwei Sun
2018,?31(5-6):?281-290. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0281-8
[Abstract](701) [FullText HTML] (146) [PDF 1967KB](15)
Imaging mantle transition zone discontinuities in southwest China from dense array ambient noise interferometry
Jikun Feng, Huajian Yao, Weitao Wang
2018,?31(5-6):?301-310. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0301-6
[Abstract](659) [FullText HTML] (149) [PDF 2090KB](20)
Comparison of strong-motion records and damage implications between the 2014 Yunnan MS6.5 Ludian earthquake and MS6.6 Jinggu earthquake
Peibin Xu, Ruizhi Wen, Yefei Ren
2018,?31(1):?12-18. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0002-2
[Abstract](647) [FullText HTML] (434) [PDF 538KB](14)
Rupture model of the 2013 MW 6.6 Lushan (China) earthquake constrained by a new GPS data set and its effects on potential seismic hazard
Rumeng Guo, Yong Zheng, Faqi Diao, Xiong Xiong, Jiao Xu
2018,?31(3):?117-125. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0117-1
[Abstract](599) [FullText HTML] (460) [PDF 1175KB](25)
Dynamic equivalent soil characteristics identification using earthquake records
Asskar Janalizadeh Choobbasti, Saman Soleimani Kutanaei
2018,?31(3):?166-173. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0166-5
[Abstract](548) [FullText HTML] (440) [PDF 825KB](23)
Preface to the special issue of Dense Array Seismology
Huajian Yao, Baoshan Wang, Xiaobo Tian, Hongfeng Yang, Xiaofeng Tian
2018,?31(5-6):?225-226. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0225-1
[Abstract](457) [FullText HTML] (140) [PDF 0KB](14)
Modeling and RTM for arbitrary-order pure acoustic wave equation in VTI media using normalized pseudo-analytical method
Shigang Xu, Yang Liu
2018,?31(2):?83-91. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0083-5
[Abstract](452) [FullText HTML] (387) [PDF 1245KB](10)
Weighted residual method for diffraction of plane P-waves in a 2-D elastic half-space III: on an almost circular arbitrary-shaped alluvial valley
Heather P. Brandow, Vincent Lee
2018,?31(1):?19-34. doi:?10.29382/eqs-2018-0003-3
[Abstract](437) [FullText HTML] (251) [PDF 2257KB](14)
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